Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kindle Revolution: Independent Publishing

I'd always planned to publish First Sight the old-fashioned way.  I bought books listing names of agents and book publishers, I subscribed to writing magazines, and I faithfully read the blogs of my favorite authors.  I had a query letter drafted, potential publishers in mind, and excerpts ready to go to grab an agent's attention.

Then I purchased my Kindle Fire a year ago.  It was my first introduction to the world of e-reading, and it changed the way I think about books.  I found books and authors that I otherwise might never have discovered who had self-published in the Kindle store.  I could find and connect with other writers in a way I hadn't imagined.  And I learned that I could self-publish there--I didn't need a book contract; I didn't need an agent.  But my book would be out there for people to read.

I started researching publishing on Kindle and was surprised to discover that other authors were not only self-publishing there but also turning down offers from traditional book publishers to do so.  That piece of information further encouraged me to try this path.

Of course I would love for every book I write to become an instant bestseller.  I'm sure most authors would.  But even a publishing contract doesn't guarantee that kind of success.  As a first-time novelist who is just venturing into the publishing world, I'm excited that I wrote a novel and want people to read my book.  It seems like a big risk to potentially just let it sit on someone's desk for months never getting read or quickly get tossed into a rejection pile. 

My simple goal as an author is for people to read my books.  I want to connect with other writers, readers, and fans of Chick Lit.  Self-publishing seems like a great way to start.

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