Monday, December 10, 2012

Week One: Publicity Through Social Media

First Sight has been live on Amazon for one week now.  I've submitted information on First Sight to a variety of websites for multiple reasons: asking for a review, suggesting it as a book of the week, mentioning an upcoming promo, etc.  (I should note that I have not spent a massive amount of time doing this.  I've probably sent information to fewer than ten websites to see how successful that was before devoting hours and hours to this task.)

I've gone back to many of the websites to see if my book was listed.  Eventually I decided it would be faster just to google "Laura Donohue First Sight."  Imagine my surprise that websites I'd never even heard of had posted about it.  One blog about romantic comedy listed it as a new release.  Another website had the promo in their discussion forum. Someone I don't even know posted about it on Twitter. 

This is free publicity!  I'm kind of amazed that I haven't even done anything to get mentioned on these particular sites, but it's up there anyway.  Thanks to all those who have included it!  I'd love if new readers found my book this way.  If you've read First Sight and somehow made your way to my blog, please recommend my book as well!

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