Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week Two Recap: Marketing

I've still been trying to find new ways to promote First Sight.  I signed up for GoodReads again (I used to be a member years ago) and was trying to figure out how to add my book to their database.  Lucky me, another reader had already added it!  I don't think they necessarily would have found it so soon without the Amazon promotion, so I'm excited that worked in other ways as well.  I've been adding it to the Listopia lists.

I also noticed when googling my book that it now shows up as a recommended book on Amazon.  For instance, if someone looks up a Chick Lit book similar to mine, First Sight will appear as one of their recommendations.  Pretty cool!  That is more free advertising, and hopefully someone who might not otherwise have discovered it will find it this way.

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