Friday, December 7, 2012

Writing First Sight

First Sight is the first book that I've published, but it wasn't the first book that I ever wrote.  I started my very first novel about six or seven years ago.  I had a great idea, excitedly told a few people about it, created an outline, starting writing...and never finished it.  I still have my first draft, but I just couldn't get the storyline to go where I wanted it to.  I plan to revisit it someday, because I still think it'd be a fun Chick Lit book to read. 

When I had the idea for Maddy and Travis's story, I started writing and couldn't stop.  I'd come home from work and write late into the night.  I'd spend time on weekends, vacations, and even occasionally my lunch break if I had an idea that I just had to get down on paper.  I started writing First Sight more than three years ago.  I stopped working on it for a period of time after my daughter was born, and I've spent most of this year rewriting, revising, and editing it.

Some of my friends and family remembered that I was writing a book, some I'm sure forgot over the years, and some had no idea that I was ever interested in writing a novel.  I was a technical writer and editor for ten years before publishing First Sight, and my English degree has a nonficiton writing and editing concentration.  I'd always planned to write a novel someday though and am happy I continued to pursue this dream until the right idea for a story came along.

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