Monday, January 28, 2013

Cover Design

I downloaded about 50 new fonts the other day.  Where am I finding all these new fonts?  Thank you Pinterest!  Here is the link to my Pinterest profile if you want to follow along:

Fonts are saved on my Design board!

Until I needed to create a cover for First Sight, I'd never given that much thought to book covers.  Although I certainly appreciate covers that immediately catch my eye and have unique or bold fonts, colors, and layouts, creating my own book covers makes me appreciate design in an entirely new way.  I was pretty excited to play around in Photoshop just to see what the new fonts look like.  Hopefully with more practice my own designs will get more sophisticated, but for now it's fun to try out a variety of styles.

Although I always imagined a silhouette of a couple on my book cover, the font choice and title itself were not what I initially had in mind.  I imagined a flowy, handwriting-style, script font and a longer title created from some catchy phrase.  But as I browsed through the Kindle store, looking at tiny icon after tiny icon, I realized that wouldn't work for a book that I was e-publishing.  This wasn't a hardback book that someone could pick up and hold, admire the raised lettering on the front cover or carefully examine the flowy script.  This needed to be a bolder graphic design that would stand out amongst other thumbnail size images.  My book needed a short title that people could actually read.  The end result is what you see now for First Sight.  I had fun trying different cover images and fonts, but I think that I chose the best one in the end. 

One advantage with cover design and e-publishing is that you can change your cover as much as you want!  See which cover sells more books, upgrade to a professionally-designed cover if your book is selling well, or keep the same one all along.  The choice is yours!

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