Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for Writers

Some of the writing blogs I follow have been posting their New Year's Resolutions for Writers.  I figure I'll follow suit since I have plenty of writing goals for 2013!

  1. Finish my Chick Lit short story, to be released just in time for Valentine's Day!
  2. Find at least one new way each month to promote First Sight.
  3. Make First Sight available in other formats to reach more readers.  It will soon be available on Nook, in hard copy, and other formats yet to be explored.  (I guess I have some research to do!)
  4. Network and join more writer's groups.
  5. Find more websites and media outlets to review First Sight.

    And last but certainly not least...
  6. Write my second novel!

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