Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Stitch Fix

Have you heard about Stitch Fix yet?  I discovered Stitch Fix from another blog that I follow and am officially hooked!  Stitch Fix is a personal styling website.  Every month (or however frequently/infrequently you choose) your stylist will send you five new items (clothing, jewelry, and accessories).  You try everything on at home and decide what you want to keep.  The items you don't like you put into the mailing envelope provided and drop off at your post office.  Simple as that!  There is no charge for postage, but there is a $20 styling fee each month that you get to deduct from your purchase.  (So if you keep nothing, you'll be out $20.)  If you decide to purchase all five items, you get a 25% discount plus the deduction of the $20 styling fee.

How do they decide what to send you?  You fill out a style profile online with questions about styles you like, don't like, etc.  Stitch Fix categorizes clothes and accessories as: Bohemian Chic, Classic, Glamorous, Romantic, Casual Chic, Edgy, and Preppy.  There are even pictures to help you decide if a category is "you" or not.  You select the price range you want them to send you for every type of item.  (Maybe you want everything "as cheap as possible?" No problem!  Or you have a fancy event and want a really nice cocktail dress?  You could select $100-$150 or $200+! Stitch Fix has $50 increments to choose from.)  If you have something specific you're looking for, put in a request for your stylist to send that. 

My first and second "fix."  I signed up last October and am thrilled!  I've found several great pieces to expand my wardrobe from designers I didn't even know about before. The more specific I've been each time about what I'm looking for and what didn't work for me, the happier I've been.

My very first "fix" consisted of the scarf above, an army green blouse (I've since told them that I don't like drab colors like army green!), an oversized black sweater, black pants, and a great maroon blazer. I only kept the scarf because I didn't need more black pants, didn't like the blouse or sweater, and didn't think the blazer was the right size.  

I updated my preferences and asked for some great cardigans and blazers for my second "fix."  Being specific worked really well because I'm in love with the things they sent!

Black Funnel Neck Jacket from Tulle

Love the lining inside the jacket!

Mystree Cardigan
Love the detailing!

My second "fix" also included a dressy cardigan, cream open-stitch sweater, and an oversized tunic-length sweater.  (Sorry, I didn't take photos of everything this time!)  I ended up keeping and purchasing the jacket and sweater above, which were my favorites.
I'm looking forward to sharing Stitch Fix #3 with you soon, because that was my favorite yet!
Interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself?  I found it to be a great and convenient way to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe without having to take my toddler out shopping with me.  Fast! Convenient!  Easy!  And who doesn't want to add some great new items to their wardrobe every now and then?
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