Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stitch Fix #3!

I absolutely love the personal styling service, Stitch Fix.  I found some great items in my first and second fix (Love Stitch Fix).   I received my third fix in December, and it was the best yet!   

How does it work?
Every month, your stylist sends you 5 new pieces.  You can ask for specific items (cardigans, spring dresses, etc.) or just wait and see what your stylist finds for you.  You try on everything at home and send back what you don't want.  Simple as that!  There is a $20 styling fee, which you deduct from your purchase.  If you choose to get all 5 items, you get a 25% discount plus the deduction of the $20 styling fee.

Here's what was in fix #3!

My favorites in the bunch!

Evolution Zig Zag Peplum Top

Styling suggestions included with every item!

The Evolution top is my favorite item to date!  I mentioned in my feedback that I love black and white prints, and they picked this one out for me.  I also love the chevron stripe trend, and this is a great play on that!  I don't have any other peplum tops and didn't think I even liked that style until I tried it on.  I love how flattering it is! 

I didn't get a separate shot of the cream cardigan.  I've actually been looking for a new white or cream cardigan to replace something I already own, and this fits the bill perfectly!

Kona print scarf
I love the colors in this scarf.  I have a top in similar colors from Banana Republic, but I love it so much that this was a definite keeper.  It's big enough that it can also be used as a wrap or sarong, so I plan to style it all 3 ways.
Everly Blouse and Daniel Rainn Printed Blouse

Upon first glance I didn't think I'd like the black blouse.  I have plenty of solid color shirts left over from my office days but no solid, flowy blouses.  I tried this on and amazingly loved it.  It looks great to dress up jeans or can be worn with nicer pants or a pencil skirt.

The last blouse was the only item I liked but didn't love.  The print doesn't really jump out at me.  However, because you get a 25% discount if you purchase all 5 items, and I wanted to buy the first 4, it was cheaper to get the blouse than not.  I haven't decided if I'll keep or sell it. 

What do you think of my selection this time?  Third time was the charm for me!

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself? 

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