Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I'm Reading: Safe Haven

Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks


I generally think of Chick Lit authors as being female, but Nicholas Sparks has written several "Chick Lit-ish" books that I've loved.  I'd categorize them as love stories or romance.  Amazon lists Safe Haven in the romantic suspense and contemporary literature and fiction categories--then again, they don't have an option for Chick Lit!

I had a tough time putting this one down.  I guess there is a reason Amazon put Safe Haven in the romantic suspense category!  Katie shows up in the small town of Southport, NC to start over.  She's determined to escape from her past and avoid making any personal connections.  Then she meets Alex.  Will he change her mind?

Not only was it a sweet love story, but it kept me guessing until the inevitable was bound to happen and Katie's past finally catches up with her.  There was a surprising twist at the end that I never saw coming.

Nicholas Sparks's books have been hit-or-miss with me.  However, I absolutely loved Safe Haven!  If you enjoyed Dear John then I recommend reading this as well.

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