Friday, July 12, 2013

What I'm Reading: The Dating Game

 The Dating Game

I have a huge pile of books to read.  Last week at the library I checked out one book for me and five for my toddler.  That explains some of it, right?  I'm an avid reader but am often torn between reading and writing.  When I start a book, I tend to not want to put it down until I'm finished.  When I'm writing, I get "in the zone" and can't stop either.  This week I've been able to spend some time reading and am excited to share my latest find!

I think most of us can relate to The Dating Game.  Gill is single, thirty-something, and has let work take priority over her love life.  In this story she navigates the dating world via a matchmaking service.  Funny and well-written, I'm enjoying following along in Gill's life.  The books takes place in Scotland, and even though I did cringe slightly when they dined on haggis, based on my own not-so-fond memories of trying it, I'm enjoying reading about life on the other side of the pond.  Pick this up for a fun summer read!


  1. hi Laura, just want to say I am so glad you are enjoying The Dating Game. Sooz PS I LOVE haggis!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Suze! Maybe I'll try haggis again someday if I'm ever in Scotland again! :)