Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Which Came First, the Book or the Blog?

It's interesting to read different author's thoughts on blogging. 

Some authors were bloggers long before they ever started writing a book.  Maybe they always had an idea in the back of their mind or a story they wanted to tell or maybe they never, ever intended to write a book but their blog developed such a large following that the opportunity presented itself.

Maybe they were like me (First Things First) and only after they published a novel did they frantically scramble to start a blog once they realized they needed a way to connect with their readers.

Looking back, it would have made a tremendous impact to have a blog following before self-publishing.  Promoting your book takes time, whether you choose to do so on other blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  If you have followers, you have readers.  I didn't have a blog before because I was too busy writing my book.  I'm trying to find the balance now between blogging and writing, because it's hard to give complete attention to both.  I follow popular blogs that have new posts every day.  Some bloggers treat that as their business, so that makes complete sense to constantly blog, but what about when you are blogging simply to connect with and attract new readers?  When the real product you are focusing on is your book and not your blog?

One of my favorite blogs on self-publishing is J.A. Konrath's.  His perspective is that to obtain readers, you need to spend your time writing--not on Facebook, Twitter, etc. trying to find your audience.  He does have a blog, but it is geared more toward other indie authors and not necessarily the audience for his books.  I've read opinions of other authors saying that you absolutely must blog, and often, to obtain readers.

Where do you stand on the blogging vs. writing question?

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