Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion Forward Monday: Stitch Fix!

Before the end of summer, I scheduled another Stitch Fix.  I've been looking forward to fall and specifically requested blazers and jackets but didn't get a single one.  Maybe their fall merchandise wasn't in yet?  Personally I was a little disappointed.  While I had great luck last year (Stitch Fix #3, Fix #2), recently I haven't been as impressed.  I still see cute things on their Facebook page and other peoples' blogs, so somehow I'm just not getting what I like.

I ended up keeping a black short-sleeve faux-wrap top, which I neglected to get a picture of.  It's cute, but since I had my heart set on blazers for fall, I wouldn't call this one of my favorite fixes.
Although this "fix" was rather lackluster, one of the best things about using Stitch Fix has been discovering new brands that I love.  I've been able to find cute pieces online now that I have a few brands to be on the lookout for.
Want to sign up yourself for this personal styling service?  Follow this link: Stitch Fix
P.S. I did schedule a "fix" for October.  I'm hoping this next one will have some great pieces!

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