Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kid's Corner: Yarn Art

As evidenced in the leaf art craft shown last week, my toddler loves crafts involving stickers and glue.  We decided to do a simple yarn art project.  I bought a bundle of rainbow yarn at the craft store (apparently this is called a skein -- who knew?)
I cut the yarn in short strips and got out some construction paper.  Of course if your child is older, they could cut the yarn themselves with safety scissors.  We swirled designs on the paper with the glue and started gluing our pieces of yarn.


I didn't anticipate that DD would want to match the color of yarn to the same color of construction paper.  She does like to sort and organize!  Next time I'll have to be more careful when cutting the strips to separate the colors.
This is a great, easy craft that will keep your kiddo entertained for hours.  I can't wait to see what designs she comes up with when she is a little older.  A rainbow?  A tree?
What would you create?

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