Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toddler Halloween Crafts: Part 2

Happy Halloween!

Did you see yesterday's post on Toddler Halloween Crafts: Part 1?

Part 2 is here!

Monster Mash Toddler Craft

My kiddo loves Monsters, Inc.  She loved creating this fun monster craft for Halloween!

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plates
Green Construction Paper (for legs)
Black Construction Paper (for hair)
Googly Eyes
Green paint/markers/crayons

1) Decorate plate with green paint/markers/crayons
2) Cut green construction paper in strips and fold accordion style; staple to back of plate
3) Glue googly eyes, hair, etc.
4) Cut extra paper plate into teeth; glue onto monster

Spider Web Craft

This was a fun spider web craft to make using paint.

Supplies Needed:
Black Construction Paper
White Paint
Spider (print-out, sticker, etc.)

1) Cut black paper in circle
2) Drizzle white paint across
3) Drag Q-tips across wet paint to create a web effect
4) Place spider on the web

This would also be cute with those spider rings that come out around Halloween.  Or wait for the paint to dry and draw your own spider.

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

The Q-Tip Skeleton was the hardest of all the crafts.  I outlined the skeleton using glue and instructed my toddler to place the Q-Tips down.  She loved arranging the Q-Tips to lay on top of the glue, but of course had no concept of how to draw a skeleton without my help. 

Supplies Needed:

Black Construction Paper
Skeleton Head print-out, sticker, etc.

1) Place skeleton head on paper
2) Draw outline of skeleton in glue
3) Place q-tips atop glue to create the bones

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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