Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kid's Corner: Pinecone Ornaments and the Best $1 I Ever Spent

Are you looking for an easy ornament to make with your kiddos this Christmas?  Pinecone ornaments are so simple and fun for the little ones.

Supplies Needed:
Small pompoms
If your child is old enough, they can glue on the pompoms themselves.  If they are really little, put a little glue on the pinecone yourself and instruct them where to place each pompom.  Tie a ribbon on when you are done and hang from your tree!
So what is the best $1 that I ever spent? 
I found this penguin advent calendar in the $1 section at Target.  It is numbered 1-25, with the idea of gluing on one cotton ball each day (included in the craft).  My preschooler doesn't have the patience for only gluing on one per day, so she glued them all on in one sitting.  We talked about numbers, practiced our counting, and she got to glue to her heart's content.  She also colored the face of the penguin.  She was happy, and I was happy that I'd managed to entertain her for over an hour on a craft I only paid $1 for!


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