Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year, New Look!

Happy 2014!

As you can see, I've been busy revamping my blog.  I love the clean look of it, and it finally has a navigation bar at the top--no more sorting through labels if you are searching for a post on a particular topic.  This is something I wanted to add last year, and I'm glad I finally got it working.

It seems I have a lot of blog readers that are coming from Pinterest.  Welcome!  And if you're not following me on Pinterest, find me here.

It's hard to believe January is almost half-over already.  I've been busy trying to stay warm during the 3-degree weather we had earlier this week, cleaning up after the holidays, and doing more reading than writing.  We had a great Christmas and New Years seeing lots of family and friends.  It was the perfect end to 2013!

I look forward to getting back on schedule.  With school holidays, snow closures, and cold weather
cancellations (yes, it was really that cold!) my daughter hasn't even been on her regular preschool schedule for a while. 

I've got several new writing projects in the works, so stay tuned for more info on them later this year!

I just finished reading this.  I know the holidays are over, but it was a fun read that I'd recommend. 

I'm making this cake today. Anything that includes chocolate, pudding, and cake in the name has to be good, right?

Tonight I'm looking forward to watching The Golden Globes.  I don't care so much who wins but love seeing what everyone is wearing!

I've been listening to this.  Apparently it was one of the most-streamed songs last year, and I still love it now!

I scheduled my next Stitch Fix for later this month.  My last fix was in October, so I'm looking forward to seeing what new pieces my stylist sends!  (Wondering how it works?  Read about my first fix.)

Happy Sunday!  I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.