Monday, April 7, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal: Striped Totes

I've been wanting to do a Splurge vs. Steal post for a while.  I love a great deal.  While it's fun finding things I love on sale, it's awesome to find a look for less.

The bag on the left is Michael Kors and the one on the right is from Walmart!  While I love Michael Kors and do own one of their bowler bags, I'm not about to go buy every Michael Kors bag that I love.

Check out this gorgeous Michael Kors black and white jet set travel striped tote.  It retails for $298 and is real leather, so of course it will be more expensive than a non-leather bag.  I would never use it often enough to make it worth the cost to me, but I absolutely love the look of it.
Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

Imagine my surprise when I found this similar look in a tote from Walmart!  It's the perfect size when you need to tote a lot (I do have a toddler after all) but isn't real leather so I won't worry about it getting ruined if I'm stashing snacks and sippy cups inside.  Grand total?  $18.96. 

Saffiano Tote Bag

Which one would you choose?  My pick is definitely the steal!


  1. I bought the Walmart bag and love it!

    1. I'm glad you could find one. It is such an awesome deal!

  2. My mother in law has this bag and I couldn't believe she got it at looks so similar to a kate spade bag I've been lusting after! I just ordered the red version to use for my work laptop!


    1. You're right, it's the perfect bag for toting around a laptop. They now have new fall colors out, too!