Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kid's Corner: Fall Sensory Bin

The Sea Life and Christmas sensory bins that we created were a big hit with my preschooler.  She will scoop and sort through them for an hour, which is a long time in kiddo land!  Now that she is preschool age we also enjoy counting the objects she discovers and talking about things that are alike and different.

Fall is the perfect time of year for changing what's in your sensory bin and exploring new things.  Leaves, pinecones, and small pumpkins are the perfect additions for this season.  I headed to my local craft store and found some small pumpkins and fake leaves to add to our bin.  Now that the colors are changing outside, real leaves will work perfectly, too!  (Of course, they won't last as long.)

I reused the same plastic tub that I purchased at Target for our other sensory bins.  A clear plastic storage container would work great as well!  I also reused some of the dyed pasta and glass gems I had for other sensory bins.

What did I add?

Red Pasta

Silk Leaves from the craft store

Miniature pumpkins from the craft store

Other great fillers for this activity in addition to or in place of the dried pasta and glass gems would be dried corn or dried black beans.  What fall items would you include?
Happy Fall!



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