Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kid's Corner: Seashell Painting

If you're like us, you've collected bucketfuls of seashells this summer.  While we have some displayed in jars, I wanted a fun craft to do with my preschooler.  She loves to paint, so this activity was perfect.  It was also fun to explore painting on a different medium than paper.

A paper plate works just fine for an artist's palette.  We picked a few colors and were ready to begin the fun!

I got out lots of paintbrushes and shells.  Be sure to lay down newspapers or an old tablecloth to help with containing the mess.  Or set up this activity outside if your prefer! 

After we painted the shells, I gave my daughter some glitter shakers to use.  She loved sprinkling the glitter on and adding some texture to her art.  This added to the mess but was lots of fun!

What kiddo crafts would you make with seashells?

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